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October 2017The Semantic MediaWiki Conference [1] was held in Rotterdam 4-6 October, 2017. Lia Veja held a workshop about eHumanities, Tobias Weller presented the semantic annotator bundle
August 2017Lia Veja, Helge Kminek, Kendra Sticht and Christoph Schindler gave a talk about the use of Semantic CorA for objective hermeneutics [1]
March 2017The Satellite Workshop Information Science and the Digital Humanities [1] was held in the context of ISI 2017 [2]. Amongst others Julian Hocker and Christoph Schindler gave a talk on the topic "Facing Epistemological Diversity in Digital Humanities. Designing Virtual Research Environments for Educational Research."
At ISI 2017 in Berlin, 13-15 March, 2017 [1] the poster "Grasping the Materializations of Practices in Digital Humanities. A Semantic Research Environment for Analyzing Exam Grading Practices in German High Schools" by Christoph Schindler, Julian Hocker, Lars Müller, Maria Maleshkova und Tobias Weller was presented.